Healthy Lives & Clean Blue Skies for Massachusetts

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Lt Colonel Christopher Voehl

 I'm retired Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Voehl and I think members of Congress should lead America by listening to the people first.
I graduated from Vanderbilt in computer science then dedicated my life to defending the USA as an F-15E combat fighter pilot and drone commander. After six deployments and 20+ years of service, I'm ready to find an exit to decades of war. My goal is for teenagers to attend the prom instead of boot camp. Currently, I fly the Boeing 767 for UPS.
Massachusetts should be healthy, happy, safe and prosperous. In Congress, I will lead like a ship's Captain who takes care of the Oceans. When you see a clean blue sky, think Christopher Voehl for Congress.

Economy/College Debt

I want local people to get local jobs. Our small businesses should succeed and our internet needs to be net-neutral. Main Street, State Street, jobs and the internet are all tied together. Any discussion on jobs needs to include a maternity & paternity leave program to help new families bond.
Massachusetts needs global trade, banking, and investments from our financial district. I want tourists in hotels/restaurants from the South Shore to the North End. Our universities need students and our hospitals need patients from every part of the globe.
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Public Schools

We need our public schools and they deserve the same freedom to teach as charter schools since both use public funds.  Our private schools also provide excellence to the kids. Overall, the best choices for books and tests will always come from our parents, teachers and administrators instead of Washington, D.C.
It is time to rethink high-stakes testing of our children because kids shine in a lot of different ways including art and music. I am proud of my father-in-law who taught in the Randolph public schools for decades. 
Rep Lynch supports Unlimited charter schools.

Second Amendment

Police, fire and EMS risk their lives in the line of duty every day. Ambushes on police/fire & hate crimes will never have a home here. Our police need the finest weapons, technology, and bomb dogs. Firefighters need safety vests.  My goal is to keep first responders safe so they can keep our communities together.
I support our Constitution, the 2nd and people who follow commonwealth & federal gun laws.
I do not support any assault weapon or high capacity magazine sales. These weapons only belong in the hands of law enforcement.
MY LIST: "No fly list=No buy list"