Healthy Lives & Clean Blue Skies for Massachusetts

 Happiness and quality of life start with your health.  Politicians should not build a "Yugo" out of your healthcare system.
My way to keep you, children, and those with pre-existing conditions healthy is universal "Medicare Essentials" (ACA coverage) with private/work policies covering everything else/extras. I do not support "Medicare for All" because Washington will control all the money & decisions. This system will break like a Yugo. Will you keep your doctor? Bring along Dunkin' for the long lines.
Rep Lynch voted against the ACA, but sponsored "Medicare for All" HR 676 for years. 
My new fight: Insurance/Medicare/Medicaid Fraud---Fake Lawsuits---Medical Liability Abuse---Black Market Opium Pills---Drug Price Gouging (EpiPens, HIV, Cancer).  Women and men both need cancer screenings, preventative medicine, and affordable birth control. Our seniors deserve fun and healthy golden years.